Will vs. Skill

February 1, 2018
By Gerry Hale

Itís clear this Bearcat team is coming together.

Obviously the best way to accomplish that is to win games. Last weekís pair of victories made it four in a row.

Last Thursday in Bridgewater, the Bearcats repeated their performance of the previous week. They got the timely saves; hung tight to the game plan; and refused to allow the game to get away from them.

Sunday, in Amherst; the team had an early jump then rode it to a very convincing win over the home town Ramblers.

In both road games, they did the little things right on a consistent basis. Unlike pre-Christmas play, they didnít divert from the plan if things didnít unfold as expected.

These wins came against two strong teams ahead of the Bearcats in the standings. Truroís goaltending allowed a total of two goals Ė against.

Leadership is coming from different areas. Itís a bonus when all hands are on deck, looking out for each other.

The Bearcats come into the week in fourth spot in the Eastlink South Division. Theyíve created a gap but in sport things can happen quickly.

Lots of things have fallen into place and the team is clicking. Recent wins can boost confidence, but the team canít afford to get ahead of itself.

This week brings two more challenges. Tonight the team returns to Bridgewater, for the third consecutive week. Tomorrow, Friday, the Bearcats are home to the Miramichi Timberwolves (7:00 pm).

The South Shore Lumberjacks and Bearcats are tied at two wins apiece in head-to- head matchups. The Bearcats should expect to face everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them tonight.

The North Divisionís third place Timberwolves hold a 2 Ė 1 edge in wins against the Bearcats. That lineup underwent considerable changes since last in town.

The Bearcats canít do anything about the schedule. They have to worry about themselves, not whom they play, or where they play.

The Bearcats are an honest, hard-nosed team. They know how they have to play, regardless.


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