Great start

January 12, 2017
By Gerry Hale

The Truro Bearcats opened the new year with a bang.

It was certainly clear in Yarmouth County and it may have resonated through all MHL circles.

Teams arenít supposed to go into Yarmouth and shutout the hometown Mariners so convincingly.

Perhaps it demonstrated what this Bearcat team can achieve when it plays its games to the fullest. The team gave a full pull for the full sixty minutes.

Itís not easy to come off such an emotional win over a high echelon team to play against the MHLís cellar dwelling team.

In that game, for many reasons, the visiting Aces got the jump on the Bearcats; however, Truro got its act together and found a way to win.

The two wins were deserved. In both, the Bearcats won the Special team play.

Truroís penalty-kill has been suspect but itís been a focus. Itís improving and clearly moving in the right direction.

In both games, the team has received strong secondary scoring. Most teams can address a single unit but most have trouble when scoring is distributed deep into the lineup.

Deficits have to be overcome. Over the course of the season Truro has shown a donít Ė give Ė up attitude. When needed, itís worked well for them.

The January Trade Deadline has passed. The acquisition of one junior veteran has given the Bearcats a higher degree of confidence and expectation.

The Bearcats are on the road for a pair of games this weekend against Divisional competition.

Theyíre in Yarmouth, Saturday (7:30 pm)and in Berwick, Sunday (2:30)

Yarmouth does not want a repeat of last weekís outcome. The Mariners were embarrassed and didnít like it.

The Valley Wildcats removed most of their seasoned veterans at the deadline. Wildcats, however, are always dangerous.

The Bearcats have their work cut out for them. Itís a challenge theyíll accept.

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