On the road again

March 2, 2017
By Gerry Hale

At this stage of the year, all games are big ones with consequence.

If there is any doubt, just check the Standings. They speak volumes.

Last week the Bearcats hit the road, returning with six points from three strong opponents.

It started with that game in Amherst where the Bearcats won in regulation time. The Ramblers needed that one.

Friday, in Yarmouth, the Bearcats had a great start and a good lead but found out there is no comfortable cushion in hockey.

The game came down to a pair of bad penalties. Truro capitalized on its advantage, Yarmouth didnít.

When games advance to the Shootout, anything can happen. As was the case in the two previous meetings with the Mariners, the Bearcats came out on top.

Sunday, in Dieppe, the Bearcats had a slow start but goaltending allowed the team to get some legs.

Once again, the game came down to a Shootout. The Bearcats win again, against a team which makes you earn everything you get.

It appears the Shootout has been a positive for this Bearcat team. If memory is correct, Truro has recorded eight victories via that route this year.

More importantly, though, is the fact the Bearcats are putting themselves in the position to win. This past week illustrated to the players nothing comes easily.

This type of competition, now, builds character and shows the players what they can expect from this point on.

Playing one game at a time in a schedule which is unfavourable the rest of the way is a big challenge. This group is up for it.

Friday, the Bearcats are in Campbellton to face a team bent on playing the spoiler. Saturday, they are in Miramichi to face the Eastlink Northís top team.

For sure, the Bearcats are in them to win.

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