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October 5, 2017
By Gerry Hale

There are many things to enjoy about September.

The Truro Bearcats find that winning games is one of them. After an initial loss to open the season, they put together a five game win streak to close the month.

Friday, the Bearcats got big games from the big Ė name players to complement the sound team play. Thatís a great combination. The Bearcats were solid in all zones as they administered the Marinersí first loss of the season. There was strong push-back but it was handled with composure.

Saturday, the visiting Campbellton Tigers showed no signs of weariness at the tail end of their swing through NS. They came hard.

There was plenty of banging in this one. The Bearcats clearly out chanced them and made sure the last shot counted.

Wins donít have to be pretty to count. Once again the Bearcats found ways to win while learning some junior lessons along the way.

For sure there is no such thing as a safe lead. Leave an opening, teams can capitalize.

Also, bounces donít always go your way. All teams play to win and wonít go away quietly.

Teams build through wins and losses. The Bearcats are continuing the process of growing as a team and learning whatís expected in a competitive junior league.

Itís important to take care of business at home. Friday, the Bearcats wrap up the current home-stand when the visiting Edmundston Blizzard are in town. The game is set for the RECC, starting at 7:00 pm.

The Dieppe franchise moved to Edmundston at the end of last season. The Commandos were highly successful, on the ice, since 2008.

The Blizzard have been well received in their new digs. They come into the week as the only undefeated MHL team.

Saturday, the Bearcat Ė Mariner rivalry moves to Yarmouth. Fans of both teams anticipate top Ė drawer, season long competition between these two clubs.

Throw in the MHL Showcase next week in Summerside where all teams play a pair of games; busy times in the Maritimes.

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